Thursday, January 12, 2017

Logo Love

Calvin Klein was my jam in middle school. I had the exact shirt above. I doubt it cost $45 back in the late 90's or else my mom would never have bought it for me. But all the styles are back! Break out your big logos again!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gucci - Look for Less

Inspo: Jen Aniston and Miamiamine

 You may have seen celebrities and fashion bloggers alike wearing Gucci loafers. I love the look of this loafer and plan to wear it when the snow melts. This Steve Madden version can be found at Nordstrom Rack for under $70. Gucci belts are becoming a bit #basic (IMO). I can't scroll through my IG feed without seeing several fashion bloggers wearing it. It's over $300 and because it's Gucci it would be an investment piece you would keep forever, but if you want another option Frame has a cool double ring belt on Shopbop for a similar look.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Holiday Highs and Lows

We had a nice long holiday break. We started the break celebrating Roman's actual birthday on the 22nd with donuts! We headed to Jasper to see my side of the family. It's been awhile since my brother, sister and I have all been together with our families so it was a special year. Dan, Roman and I headed back to Indy on Christmas Eve and Santa came Christmas morning. Roman was pretty excited about all his new gifts! Over the next week we celebrated with Dan's family, hit the children's museum, played with new toys, and ended the year in the hospital. Roman had an inguinal hernia, so we spent New Year's Eve at Riley Children's hospital ER. We ended up getting admitted and spent the night. On New Years day Roman had surgery to repair the hernia. Nothing says "Happy New Year" like watching your child in pain and checking vitals when the clock struck midnight. It was a bummer of 2 days. Roman is feeling much better now and is back to his crazy antics. We knew he would be ok when he requested "nacks" (snacks) right away.
I think we are all happy to be back into routine and on the mend! It will definitely be a year to remember the holidays with the highs and lows, joys and pains.

My mom surprised Meagan and I with a visit to the jewelry store to pick out Christmas gifts. It was such a fun idea and time spent together. I picked out a beautiful vintage estate bracelet.

It wouldn't be Christmas without matching PJ's and laughs all around!

Seriously, such blurry pics.

 The only group shot we got, minus a few.

Blurry photo, but the best we got of the 3 of us.

 Tried a new restaurant, Brew, in Jasper.

 My favorite picture from Christmas Eve.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

 Annual high school friends get-together! It was so fun catching up!

Riding the wagon up to the hospital room.

Feeling much better at home with a big bowl of popcorn.