Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Wishlist

I have been traveling a little bit for work over the last few weeks and I have seen this dress on two girls now. I finally asked a girl where it was from and she told me Zara. I love it. I think it's so cute with the bell sleeves! It's perfect for work with tights and ankle boots.

I found these shoes this week and I'm obsessed with them. I love the embroidery!

Dress - Zara
Boots - Sole Society

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Few of my Favorite Things

For Christmas I usually like to get my mom, sister, and SIL's things that I love and use the most with hopes that they will love them too. Here are some of my favorite things that I use daily and may be giving as gifts this year.

Land's End Tote Bag. - Roman and I both have the larger version of this bag and use them all the time. They are perfect for overnights, pool days, etc. The canvas is super durable!

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip treatment. I absolutely love this lip balm. It goes on like a chapstick, but with color! They are regularly $24 each, so I think this little trio for $30 would be an awesome gift!

Kate Spade Initial Necklace - I got this for mothers day last year and wear it all the time. Great gift for others!

Wet Brush- this is so random, but a good friend had this and we all made fun of her for it. Turns out, it's awesome! My stylist even recommended it! Use it, exactly as it says, for wet hair. So good for tangles. You can buy it at Target.

Nars blush/bronzer combo. - If you haven't tried Orgasm blush, then you need to immediately. It looks great on all skin tones!

Timex Weekender watch - Admittedly, Dan had this watch first and I copied him. It's a little boyish, but I like that you can change the strap out.

Living Proof dry shampoo - I was never into dry shampoo until this year and this is my favorite! I get mine at Sephora or Ulta, but I think it's sold on Amazon and even Target.

Zella Leggings - These have been a favorite of mine for a few years. I just recently bought the high waisted ones and love them so much!

Swell water bottle - Dan got me this last year and I love it! I use it every day at work and for the gym. Water stays cold for hours! I loved it this summer on hot days when normal bottles would get hot.

Earrings - I have worn these for a couple of years now and they are my daily go-to. Perfect size and shine!

JCrew Factory Vest - I have this in both the navy and the cream and wish I had black. Goes with everything. Size down. I have XS.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Pretty Pleats

Pretty pleats for the holidays? Pretty please! I love the idea of dressing up a skirt for cocktail parties with a sleeveless top or wearing a turtleneck for more conservative work parties and family get-togethers. Now, which color should I choose?

I have found several options for pleated skirts. ASOS has a huge selection. I just searched "pleated skirts" on the website and the return came up with pages and pages of options.

Gold skirt - Gap
Teal satin, Fuschia Satin, Pink Velvet, Copper - ASOS
Silver skirt - Forever 21
Silver skirt - H&M

Check out Topshop, Nordstrom, and Express for more options.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Denver trip

A couple weeks ago my Mom and sister Meagan booked trips to meet each other in Denver. My mom booked her flight out of Indy for $70! I decided for that price I wanted to go as well and take Roman to see my grandma. We flew out at 6am the day after my half marathon and I thought I might die from being so sore. It was a real challenge running after Roman through the airport. Naturally, he didn't sleep the entire flight. If you have kids, you know traveling with a toddler is no vacation. It's just parenting in a different city. Roman didn't adjust to the time difference and was up at 4:30am every morning. He yelled "snack" probably a million times over the 3 days, but nevertheless it was a good trip!

Playing with the phones. "calling" everyone we know.

 My grandma Kitty is 95 years old!

4 Generations.

 Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods.

Roman loved "climbing mountains"!

  I met up with my sorority sisters Anna and Katye. Katye has 2 little girls. It was so fun to get the kids together!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I did it! I wasn't sure I would be able to say that, but I DID IT!!!! Over the last few years I have watched countless friends run half marathons and always wondered if it was something I could also do. I started running this past summer and kept adding miles. I ran during my lunch break and on weekends. As I added miles my knees began to hurt and I wasn't sure I could continue. I went to see a PT and began doing strength exercises, icing, and massaging. The most I ran in my training was 9 miles, so I was nervous about making it to 13.1.

The race was so much fun! I met my cousin who happened to be in town running the race too and we started together. Running with a crowd cheering you along is MUCH easier than alone. Dan, Roman and our friend Ross came to cheer me on around mile 7, which really helped! I wanted to walk several times, but kept going! Miles 10-13 were the worst.

I finished and ran the half in 2:16. I'm pleased with my final time and pace. My goal was to finish under 2:30 and not to walk. I accomplished both! I know so much more about training now and if I do it again I will strength train as well to help with knee pain and  hopefully a faster pace. It was hard as hell and I don't know how my friends do this over and over again. It was a great experience!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

High Top Sneakers

Kind of obsessed with high top sneakers this season. I feel like they are a cute alternative to ankle boots and a super comfortable option! I kind of LOVE the deep red velvet sneaker from Nordstrom Rack! But I also really like the suede camel version from H&M. There are so many cute options out there, these are some of my favorites.

Deep Red Velvet - Nordstrom Rack $39
Camel Suede - H&M $60
Olive Green - Nordstrom $98
Grey suede - Gap $69
Grey felt - Nordstrom $88
Black - Target $35 (exact dupe of Steve Madden)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Our neighborhood has a huge Halloween festival every year and then goes all out Halloween night for trick or treating. This year, the weather was perfect for both the festival and Halloween night. Our neighbors all had bonfires and music playing. Everyone sat on their porches to hand out candy. It's such a great night for everyone! We even have a neighbor on the street over from us that puts on an entire production every Halloween that includes props, actors, and music!

We couldn't decide on a costume this year and decided to have 2! Roman was a dinosaur for his school party and Mickey Mouse for trick or treating. I wasn't sure how Roman would react and if he would understand the concept of Trick or Treating, but he figured it out at the first house and there was no stopping him after that. We hit about 6 houses of our close neighbors that we know really well and then headed over to see the production before handing out candy at our house. Roman ate way too much candy, but had a blast!

I made Mickey's shorts and boot covers. How cute are the boots?!?

 I sewed spikes onto a hooded sweatshirt and added a tail and eyes for Roman's dinosaur costume.


Dressing up as a Mummy at Roman's school party.

Roman's buddy Patrick as Elmo.

Could not get enough candy!

My Dad (Pop Pop) was in town and stopped by to trick or treat with Roman.

This is my neighbor that put on the production with a Men in Black theme this year.

crowd of people watching the production