Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall Family Photos

We had our pictures taken last weekend in a really cool venue in our neighborhood. It's called the Ice House and it's decorated with vintage velvet couches and décor. Sarah from Kairos Indy took our photos for the 3rd year in a row. I think they turned out pretty well and we will likely use one for our Christmas card.

Outfit details:
On me: Nordstrom dress, Steve Madden heels
Roman: H&M sweater and jeans, Old Navy high tops
Dan: J.Crew shirt and jeans

Friday, November 3, 2017

Colorful Stripes

I'm a sucker for bright colorful stripes. In the last few weeks I've seen a few pieces that I'm obsessed with. This Anthropologie sequins skirt, is to die for! I'm trying to figure out how to get that into my closet and when I could wear it. I also love the dark stripes for fall and winter. This H&M skirt and Zara dress are so pretty! Lastly, isn't this bold sweater from Forever 21 so fun?


Thursday, November 2, 2017


A couple years ago wearing sequins was all the rage. Everyone was wearing sequins and not just for the holidays. Tops, dresses and even pants. Now velvet is the hot trend. I love it for the holidays but I think it works for every day looks as well. I particularly love velvet wrap dresses and am trying to find a good pattern to make one this year. Velvet accessories are a great way to wear the trend and not appear too dressy. Here are some of my current favorites:

Blue velvet wrap top from Express- I want this exactly, but in dress form. I'm trying to create a pattern and find fabric to make it. I'll definitely post if I'm successful.

Pink mock neck Madewell dress- I had this dress in black as a little girl and felt so special wearing it to church on Christmas eve.

Blue velvet ruffle top from Nordstrom

Velvet cami- I have this top from Amazon. Awesome deal for $12! I have a size small for reference. Velvet dress I found on Amazon too.

Gold velvet wrap dress- ASOS. Green velvet ruffle sleeves from Nordstrom

Velvet loafers Madden Girl $24. Velvet wrap skirt from Nordstrom

Velvet bags from Kohls. I love these! I think they look like such nice quality. The blue one looks vintage. Never would have guessed from Kohls.

Velvet sock boot - Velvet slides- DSW

Velvet Jumpsuit - Express // Gold Wrap Dress- ASOS // Wrap dress - Forever 21 // Jumpsuit - Lulus // Green wrap dress- Zara

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween is really special in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood spends months planning a huge street festival with week long activities. Neighbors go all out decorating their homes, planning costumes and even hosting a production in their front yard. The older homes and streets lined with colorful trees makes the perfect backdrop for all the fall festivities. It feels right out of a movie. We hand out almost 1,000 pieces of candy every year in the 2 hour trick or treating window. It's crazy and fun!
Roman really loved the kids zone music at the festival.


Family dressed as the Simpsons in the festival parade

Roman and his best buddy Patrick

Roman and his pal Alexandra

Roman really loved Trick or Treating. He ran up to every house and yelled Trick or Treat and said Thank you. He made it a couple blocks before wanting to go home and eat his candy. After we took the candy away he put his costume back on so he could go get more.

One of the homes in our neighborhood puts on a production every year. This year they set up a boxing ring and had a dinosaur boxing a robot. The kids all really loved it!

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Fall Mini

I really love mini skirts in the fall! There are so many great cold winter fabrics such as wool, corduroy, suede, or leather. This season I've seen a lot of ruffled and wrap skirt styles. Plaid is always a favorite too. Mini skirts are great for layering with a turtle neck or sweater, tights, knee high boots. So many options. Here are some inspiration photos:



Loft striped wrap skirt // H&M pink suede skirt // Loft  gray wrap skirt
J.Crew plaid ruffle // H&M plaid skirt // H&M red plaid wrap skirt
H&M textured skirt // J.Crew factory green wool skirt // H&M tan wool skirt
Sewing pattern options

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Exposed Brick DIY

A month or so ago, we decided on a whim to expose the brick on our fireplace. We live in a 1930's built home and the fireplace was a textured plaster over the brick. First Dan chiseled a hole just to see what we were working with. We called a contractor over to take a look and he said, he could fix the hole for us that it was a lot of work and we probably wouldn't want to continue. We continued. Over the course of a few weekends Dan continued chiseling. The dust was awful. I am still cleaning dust from our house in places I didn't realize it had gotten to. After chiseling, we used a drill with a wire brush bit to remove the concrete particles. We then used a professional grade cleaner called One Restore to clean the bricks. Once they were cleaned and the debris was cleaned up, I primed the cabinets and bottom brick and painted 3 coats white. The whole project was intense and every weekend we wondered why we took this on, but we are incredibly happy with the final result!

 This was the "before". We actually had a large mirror and other décor, but I didn't take a picture of that.

The first hole

The "after" picture. The lighting in this room make it hard to photograph, but we love the new look!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Feels

We went to Pleasant View Orchard this weekend to pick apples. It was a little late in the season, so we'll have to remember next year to go earlier. It was slim picking, but we still had a nice time.
Roman and his pal Alexandra

Halloween bat decorations. A few years ago I printed a template and cut these out of black card stock. I just use tape to put them on our wall.

Roman and Pop Pop Jeff picking pumpkins

Fall table setting

Girls day with my mom


We have been enjoying the fall so far, but are really excited for Halloween! Our neighborhood has a huge festival and week long activities. On Halloween, our neighborhood looks like something out of a movie. It's awesome. We have an unbelievable amount of trick-or-treaters and all the neighbors have bonfires in their front yards and fantastic decorations. It's super fun for everyone!