Thursday, December 14, 2017

'Tis the Season

It's already been such a fun holiday season for us!  Roman understands Santa and asks a lot of questions about him. We have done several holiday activities from seeing the lights, baking cookies, wrapping presents and decorating the tree. We are anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival! Dan and I can't wait to see the excitement on Roman's face. It truly is the best time of year!

decorating his own tree

Santa coming down the chimney

decorating the big tree

table setting

 Out living room decorations
Winterlights at Newfields at the IMA

A giant tree made of children's toys. It was really neat to see up close. Roman wanted to play with everything, but it's all tied down.

Meeting Santa

My mom, sister and I did the Santa Hustle. It was really fun seeing everyone dressed up.

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Kayce Reed said...

He is so darn cute, Ash - I really need to meet this little man!

Also can't wait to see you on the 29th! ��