Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Flats

Right now is a tricky time for footwear. The last few weekends I have been stumped on what to wear to casual events. It's chilly in the morning but when the sun comes out it's hot in the afternoons. It feels a little too soon (and hot) to wear boots with jeans, yet too summery for sandals. Flats, flats are the answer. I have tons of flats, but never wear them. Now is the perfect time though. Here's a round up of some fun ideas for our current weather.

Fall Flats

Madewell // Zara // Anthropologie
DSW //Chinese Laundry // Steve Madden
C Wonder // Steve Madden // Old Navy
DSW // Steve Madden // C Wonder

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Fit and Flare

The "Fit and Flare"- it's everywhere! You better get one!
Jade from A Spoonful of Style wore her J.Crew style last week at NYFW.

Jessica from What I Wore had this on her blog yesterday and I am IN LOVE! Mostly because she made it herself. But I also love the fabric and leather trim.
Seriously this style skirt is everywhere, at all price points! 

The Fit and Flare

Or, If you'd like to make your own, Simplicity has several similar skirt patterns.

Simplicity Fit and Flare skirt patterns


Friday, September 13, 2013


2014 Pantone color was the year was announced recently (Dazzling Blue), which got me thinking that I really haven't worn much of 2013 Pantone color of the year (Emerald). Fall is a great time to wear this color and of course going into the holidays as well. I think I'll start with the ankle pants from Target but I really love all the other pieces here as well.



Wednesday, September 11, 2013


JCrew Factory Houndstooth

I've been seeing a lot of houndstooth over the last few days and this morning J. Crew Factory's New Arrivals had several items in the print as well. Houndstooth is a classic print in black and white, but I really like the mix of colors as well. Houndstooth is a great print for fall and winter and really a staple to keep in your closet for years. I particularly like the sweater above and can see it layered up for work.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Look for Less

Deals and Steals

While at Target this week I noticed some items very similar to J.Crew! What a great deal! All items are online or check for availability in a store near you.

Crafty for Fall

Over the weekend I got really excited for the fall and Halloween! I picked up some decorations and even made a few of my own.

I made these ghosts using cheesecloth and fabric stiffener. There are several tutorials online if you'd like to make your own. It's relatively easy.

I made these moveable mummies using this tutorial I found on Pinterest. When I showed Dan he said "have you ever seen that site with all the Pinterest fails"? Sooo yeah- maybe these didn't work out as well. They ARE a little skinny.

While at Joann's I fell in love with this plaid fabric and thought they would make perfect napkins for the fall. I got the placemats at TJ Maxx earlier in the week.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Chelsey
I hung out with one of my high school besties last weekend and forgot how hilarious she is! We had so much fun. Looking forward to hanging out more often!
2. Pancho
This is how we found Pancho sleeping the other morning. Looks comfortable huh?
3. Niece
Rye had her first day of daycare this week. Too cute!
4. New Outfit
Bought this whole outfit from The Loft today on my lunch break. Also fell in love with their cords. Thanks for the inspiration Pink Peonies.
5. Banh Mi
 Dan and I are making thes Banh Mi sandwiches for dinner tonight! Can't wait!

Burgundy Basics

Call it what you want to call it, wine, maroon, Bordeaux, burgundy is a hot color this fall! The deep red color goes with more than you think! I particularly like it with hot pink, denim, leopard, or camel. Not all together of course (but maybe). This post has some great ideas!  I've had my eye on this wool J.Crew Factory skirt for some time. I also really like the Loft ankle pants and think everything below would be great basics for your fall work wardrobe.

Burgundy Basics

Heels Steve Madden
Cardigan- Old Navy
Ankle Pants- The Loft
Wool Skirt- J.Crew Factory

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Leather Skirts


I love leather skirts!! I have one that I don't wear nearly enough. Mine is just the standard black mini, but there are SO many great colors and styles out this fall. I can't get enough of Helena's wine colored full skirt  and all American look.  And it's from TJ Maxx too! I'm going to be scoping out my nearest TJ for that one! And as always Blair is just a badass in leopard and leather.

Here are some other skirts I really like!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich

This has been a favorite this summer. It's so easy to throw together after work and delicious with fresh pineapple, onions, and jalapenos!
Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich
Pre-made teriyaki marinade (check salad dressing aisle)
2-4 chicken breasts (thinner is better)
slices of pepper jack cheese
1 jalapeno sliced
1/4-1/2 red onion sliced
pineapple rings
Marinate chicken in Teriyaki marinade for an hour. Slice onion and jalapeno. Grill chicken and pineapple, adding pineapple to the grill around the time you add the cheese to the chicken. It just needs to get hot and have grill marks. Sauté jalapeno and onion on stove in pan for a few minutes until tender.
Assemble sandwich and enjoy!