Monday, March 28, 2016

Birthday/Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating my birthday on Saturday and Easter on Sunday.

 We started the day with our favorite donut spot, the Great American Donut Company. They have a little kids table with crayons that Roman really likes.

I got my hair cut and colored at Ado. It's a little dark, but feels good!

 Saturday afternoon we headed out for drinks. I wore the top I just made.

We hit up Black Acre in our neighborhood.

And then Bluebeard, our favorite, for dinner. It was so nice to sit outside.
We had an awesome dinner! Look how happy Dan is!

We had an amazing dessert, as you can see how happy I am! :)
On Sunday we celebrated Easter and setup Roman's first Easter Egg hunt. He didn't really understand except for opening the eggs for the treats inside.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Roman's Spring Wardrobe

It's been kind of fun shopping for spring clothes now that Roman is a toddler. I have a thing for bright colored pants and shorts. I can't wait to dress him up this spring and summer!

Tops: Old Navy Blue Gingham // H&M sweatshirt // Old Navy Tee // Carters Pink Gingham
Bottoms: H&M chinos // Carters plaid shorts // H&M chinos // Old Navy chambray shorts
Shoes: H&M // Sperry

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's been an off week for me and I'm happy it's Friday! We have had some spring teaser days in the 70's, and I love it! I'm definitely ready for the warm weather and I love the longer days. I'm going on a girls trip in April to the beach and have already started thinking about what to pack. Some of my current favorites above.

Denim dress - ASOS
White Lace top - H&M
Pom Pom Bag- Kohls
Clutch - LMae Boutique
Swimsuit - Forever 21

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All the Colors

ASOS has several colors of this off the shoulder dress. It's a great deal too, for only $26!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I'm looking forward to the weekend for some free "me" time. I'm planning to shop and get a pedicure tomorrow. I can't wait to see all the spring styles in stores. Some of my current favorites above.
Tassel Earrings- Bauble Bar
Striped top and skirt - JOA brand Nordstrom
Denim cutout dress - Topshop
Pink dress - Topshop
Floral cutout dress - H&M
Pink Fringe Bag - Magnolia Boutique
Yellow top and shorts - JOA brand Nordstrom
Bag - Steve Madden

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jumpsuit Pattern

How cool is this vintage 70's jumpsuit pattern I found?!? I love vintage patterns. They are always so much more stylish than todays current patterns. I'd love to buy this pattern and make it, but I don't have an occasion where I might wear an off the should jumpsuit. I might have to come up with something. It would certainly be fun to wear!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tassels Trending

Last year I saw a lot of tassels and wondered if this trend would stick around. It appears to be back again this spring/summer season in full force. It's primarily an accessories trend, but I have seen some clothing with tassels too. Here are some options to add some colorful tassels to your closet.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Gap Jeans

Gap jeans are my new favorite for both Roman and I. Several months ago I bought a pair of jeans from the Gap and fell in love. I love the higher rise and that they come in "short". I totally understand
"mom jeans" now. I need jeans that I can move around in, sit on the floor and constantly bend over without anything showing. I usually have to buy "ankle length" in jeans to fit my height correctly, but I really love that the Gap sells "short" it's the perfect inseam for me. It hits at my ankle and goes well with flats or ankle boots.

The Gap has sales every day, but denim is always excluded. Today, there are no exclusions. Yay!!

I also really love their slim baby jeans. Roman has a pair and they are adorable on him! I bought him another pair today for next fall since I don't know when this sale will happen again. Not a bad deal. $15.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Rain Gear

Last week I had a hell of a time trying to get Roman in and out of the car before work during a rain storm. The wind blew up my umbrella causing us both to get soaked as I buckled him in. I looked like a hot mess by the time I got to work. I just kept thinking I better get used to this, because spring is around the corner and I'll be soaked every day trying to keep Roman dry.

I decided I would like a nice hooded rain jacket since umbrellas cannot be trusted. I found a few cute ones and some rain boots too. I think everyone I know has Hunter's, except me. It would probably be a good investment, but I also really like this brand that Target carries. Does anyone have these? Joules is the brand name.

1. London Fog Pink Trench- Macys // 2. Sperry boots for JCrew // 3.Striped Rain Jacket- Nordstrom
4. Hunters // 5.  Mint Jacket - Target // 6. Hunters // 7. Navy Parka - Gap // 8. Striped boots - Target // 9. Blush Jacket - Target // 10. Short Hunters

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Break Style

Yellow Tassel Earrings - ASOS // Pom Pom Clutch - LMae Boutique // Sun hat - JCrew factory
Gingham Swim suit - JCrew Factory // Sunglasses- Nordstrom // Swim cover up- ASOS
White dress- Nordstrom // Yellow shorts- ASOS // Scallop Swim suit - Old Navy // Pink Sandals - Sam Edelman

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Ahh... it's March! I'm so happy spring is around the corner! I can't wait for my spring uniform- jeans, flats, button down and jacket.
Gingham blouse- JCrew Factory // Jacket - Target
Jeans - AG // Handbag - Marc Jacobs // Clinique Pink Honey lipstick //
Flats- BP Nordstrom