Friday, March 4, 2016

Rain Gear

Last week I had a hell of a time trying to get Roman in and out of the car before work during a rain storm. The wind blew up my umbrella causing us both to get soaked as I buckled him in. I looked like a hot mess by the time I got to work. I just kept thinking I better get used to this, because spring is around the corner and I'll be soaked every day trying to keep Roman dry.

I decided I would like a nice hooded rain jacket since umbrellas cannot be trusted. I found a few cute ones and some rain boots too. I think everyone I know has Hunter's, except me. It would probably be a good investment, but I also really like this brand that Target carries. Does anyone have these? Joules is the brand name.

1. London Fog Pink Trench- Macys // 2. Sperry boots for JCrew // 3.Striped Rain Jacket- Nordstrom
4. Hunters // 5.  Mint Jacket - Target // 6. Hunters // 7. Navy Parka - Gap // 8. Striped boots - Target // 9. Blush Jacket - Target // 10. Short Hunters

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