Monday, March 7, 2016

Gap Jeans

Gap jeans are my new favorite for both Roman and I. Several months ago I bought a pair of jeans from the Gap and fell in love. I love the higher rise and that they come in "short". I totally understand
"mom jeans" now. I need jeans that I can move around in, sit on the floor and constantly bend over without anything showing. I usually have to buy "ankle length" in jeans to fit my height correctly, but I really love that the Gap sells "short" it's the perfect inseam for me. It hits at my ankle and goes well with flats or ankle boots.

The Gap has sales every day, but denim is always excluded. Today, there are no exclusions. Yay!!

I also really love their slim baby jeans. Roman has a pair and they are adorable on him! I bought him another pair today for next fall since I don't know when this sale will happen again. Not a bad deal. $15.

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