Monday, March 28, 2016

Birthday/Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating my birthday on Saturday and Easter on Sunday.

 We started the day with our favorite donut spot, the Great American Donut Company. They have a little kids table with crayons that Roman really likes.

I got my hair cut and colored at Ado. It's a little dark, but feels good!

 Saturday afternoon we headed out for drinks. I wore the top I just made.

We hit up Black Acre in our neighborhood.

And then Bluebeard, our favorite, for dinner. It was so nice to sit outside.
We had an awesome dinner! Look how happy Dan is!

We had an amazing dessert, as you can see how happy I am! :)
On Sunday we celebrated Easter and setup Roman's first Easter Egg hunt. He didn't really understand except for opening the eggs for the treats inside.


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