Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NYC for 34

This trip happened 2 months ago, but I didn't want to forget to post it. When I found out Dan would be traveling for work over my birthday, I asked him if I could meet up with him in NYC. It worked out perfectly for me to meet him for the weekend. On Friday, I flew in early and spent the day alone fabric shopping while Dan worked. I hit Mood Fabrics and B&J Fabrics. I really enjoyed looking at all the fabrics, but just couldn't find anything I wanted or had a vision of something to make.
travel outfit

After fabric shopping, I had extra time to kill so I went to the Museum at FIT. It was really neat and I enjoyed seeing it. It said no cameras, but I snuck a few pictures.

I'm obsessed with  Milk Bar birthday truffles and I went there twice over the entire weekend. I love them so much that Dan even ordered me a box for mothers day! I just found out they have a cook book and hope to get that soon too.

We stayed at 11 Howard in Soho. It was a nice hotel and had a great location. On Saturday, Dan and I shopped around Soho and had Prince St. Pizza.

This is the only picture we took together all weekend.

We spent Saturday evening and Sunday in Brooklyn. We met up with our good friends Cory and Erica for dinner in Brooklyn at Emily
Much like the majority of our trips we ate, drank and shopped through the weekend. It was a fun little getaway!