Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Roman!

Roman turns 3 today! He is truly the light in our lives and brings joy to every day. Roman has become a really big talker and speaks really well for his age. He's super smart with a really good memory. He is really into shooting whether we are hunting monsters or zombies he turns everything into "boom boom". We spend hours running around the house, hiding and booming. He loves pretend play and dressing up as super heroes, firefighters, or construction workers. Roman is really sweet and just recently told me I'm his best friend. My heart melted. He loves his family and friends and talks about them every day. He is very outgoing and says hi to strangers and neighbors alike. It's hard to believe how big he is and he won't let us call him a baby, but he's not yet a big boy.

We celebrated his birthday a few weeks early to avoid the Christmas confusion with gifts. We had our family and friends over to celebrate with a super hero party. Roman's face was so cute when he saw the decorations. His little mouth was open in awe.

Happy 3rd Birthday Roman! We love you so much!


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