Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween is really special in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood spends months planning a huge street festival with week long activities. Neighbors go all out decorating their homes, planning costumes and even hosting a production in their front yard. The older homes and streets lined with colorful trees makes the perfect backdrop for all the fall festivities. It feels right out of a movie. We hand out almost 1,000 pieces of candy every year in the 2 hour trick or treating window. It's crazy and fun!
Roman really loved the kids zone music at the festival.


Family dressed as the Simpsons in the festival parade

Roman and his best buddy Patrick

Roman and his pal Alexandra

Roman really loved Trick or Treating. He ran up to every house and yelled Trick or Treat and said Thank you. He made it a couple blocks before wanting to go home and eat his candy. After we took the candy away he put his costume back on so he could go get more.

One of the homes in our neighborhood puts on a production every year. This year they set up a boxing ring and had a dinosaur boxing a robot. The kids all really loved it!

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