Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Awards Favorites

If you're into the awards and the red carpet fashion, I'm sure you have already seen all the favorites from last nights awards show. I won't go through every one that I loved or hated, but I will share a few that I have been inspired by.


Kyra Sedgwick in a red Pucci and Amber Heard in black Zac Posen. 

 I can't get enough of Kyra's dress! And damn, she looks good for her age too! I'm sorta obsessing over cutouts and thinking of patterns I can alter for dresses with this look for the summer. 

Lace necklines
Stacey Keibler in Marchesa and Michelle Williams in Valentino. 
I really love the scalloped lace necklines of both of these dresses and I even have a pattern with a similar look! I'm a little hesitant to work with lace though. So we'll see....

McCalls 6505 New Spring pattern

I was so thrilled when I found this pattern because it reminds me of this Lauren Conrad Marchesa dress. I'd be pretty proud of myself if I could make this very similar. 

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