Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Wishes: NYE Style

I am SOOO excited because we have New Years Eve plans this year!! The last few years we haven't had big plans, so I am thrilled to have our plan set early this year. We're going to a party, where cocktail attire is required and I'm thrilled. Yesterday I found THE most amazing dress ever! THIS dress is everything! Leather bodice with feather skirt. I couldn't be more in love. I have been eyeing feather dresses since my bachelorette party a few years ago. I'm obsessed. Also, how great is this candy looking clutch? Perfect.

As the title of this blog states, sadly this is only a wish. The price tag on this dress is a little pricey and not so much in my "wear it once" budget. Bummer. It IS gorgeous though isn't it?

NYE Wish List

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