Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Getaway - Louisville

Two years ago Dan and I spent the weekend in Louisville for a quick getaway to celebrate our anniversary. At the time Roman was just a baby and we didn't want to be too far from him. This year, we decided to go back to Louisville for a weekend over our 6th anniversary. We really love the restaurants and neighborhoods of Louisville! This time we stayed in an Airbnb in the NULU area, which has grown tremendously in the last 2 years!

Our Airbnb was awesome! We were able to walk everywhere and the condo was beautiful, clean, and decorated in with a bourbon theme. We basically ate and drank our way through the weekend plus a long walk down to the Water Front park and over the bridge to Jeffersonville, IN. It was so nice to getaway and we really enjoyed all the new places we tried in Louisville.

Our first stop was Royals Hot Chicken and it was delicious! I got mild and there's no way I could have gone hotter.

Next up was the Garage Bar. We had been to this bar the last time we were in Louisville and really liked the atmosphere.

We hit the Louisville Beer Store next for a drink on their patio. Dan loves the selection of beer and last time we bought a cooler to take beer home.

For dinner we went to the Butchertown Grocery. We had an amazing meal there! I couldn't take picture because the restaurant was so dark. We were so full, but they sent us home with little packages of brownies.

I wore this J.Crew dress and this vintage purse especially fitting for Louisville. Side note- my mom collects vintage purses and this one was either my grandmother's or my great aunt's, most likely worn to the Derby.

The next morning we went to Hi-Five Doughnuts. We liked what we got, but didn't realize until later that you can create your own donuts!

We walked from the NULU area to the Waterfront park and over the bridge to Jeffersonville, IN.

For lunch we ate at Taco Luchador. We both agreed this was maybe the best meal of the weekend. Our favorite taco was the Carnitas taco.

After lunch we went to  Holy Grale and sat outside for beers.

After beers we got cookies at Please and Thank You. They also have a great Thai Iced Coffee.

We had BBQ for dinner at Feast BBQ. We both really liked our meals and the atmosphere.
 We hit a few other places as well. We didn't love the Akasha brewery and Against the Grain was just ok. See, I told you we basically just ate and drank all weekend.

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