Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Denver Trip 2018

Every year my family gathers in Denver for my grandmother's birthday at the end of February. This year I decided to take Roman and plan a skiing day with my sister. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away in January. We decided to make the trip anyway since I have cousins and aunts and uncles that live in Denver.

Roman started a new school 2 weeks before the trip, so I was pretty sure the new germs would cause him to get sick and sure enough he was throwing up the night before the trip. I crossed my fingers for a 24 hour bug and kept our plans. It ended up being a 4 day GI bug, that put a little damper on our trip. Roman did really well flying despite being sick and felt well enough to still have a little fun in Denver.

My cousin Kevin took my sister Meagan and I skiing in Copper Mountain. We both love skiing, even though we are both beginners. After the first run we both got a little sick from the altitude and the cold. It was 10 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like -6. Thankfully, Kevin had backup gear for us. After lunch, a couple shots and the sun coming out we felt much better and had a great afternoon! Turns out I'm a worse skier than I thought. No falls, but I need some practice.

I didn't take very many pictures during the trip since Roman was sick, but I always like to document  our vacations on my blog and refer to them later for the memories!

 Meagan and I got matching ski pants from Amazon. We wanted to look cute together, but honestly we were freezing!

My niece Rye and her matching new doll.

The only picture we took of the whole crew before we all left.

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