Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm so excited.... I just CAN'T hide it!

I'm so pumped! I'm on top of the world! I CAN'T believe it's wedding week! Woohoo! Everything has come together and just a few more errands tomorrow before I head to my hometown to get married.

Dan and I practiced our kiss and first dance last night, which were all super awkward and super middle school dance like! Our practice went like this... "you are being awkward, be natural" "I'm gonna grab your butt" "dip me really romantically" "I'm gonna fall". We proceeded to look up wedding dance steps on YouTube and found only choreographed dances. We settled on basic swaying with maybe a turn if we can manage it without laughing or falling. haha!

I can't wait for everything to come together and I'll be sure to post all the deets when we return from our honeymoon!

Unfortunately, one thing that didn't happen was a slide show. We scanned all the pictures, but just didn't have the time to put it together. Oh well! Check out these oldie but goodies!

Still an A's fan! 

Possibly our first picture together. Summer 2004

 7 years later! I can't wait to marry you! 

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Anonymous said...

So very happy for you Ashley...U will be a beautiful bride!! Have a great day..it will fly by!!!!

Best Wishes,
Dana Kiefer