Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pink Corduroy Baby Dress

Remember my little friend Anna? Anna is my sorority sister Julie's sweet baby girl! I started making her this dress a few months ago and then just kept putting it off. Originally, I was going to just make a jumper and then decided a dress with sleeves would be a piece of cake. Completely wrong on that cake! Sleeves are new to me and baby sleeves are so damn tiny! I made all the pieces and then just couldn't bring myself to attach the sleeves to the dress because I didn't really know how to do it. So the dress sat for a few weeks until my Mom was here this past weekend and showed me how to do the sleeves. Still difficult because they are so small! But I finished it, and fingers crossed it will fit her! Sorry for the delay Anna! I hope you like it.

**Bear with me on the photos here. We got a new camera this summer for our honeymoon and I am just now getting around to trying to figure it out. Not that great at it yet! 


Danielle Kinnett said...

Dear Baby in My Belly, please be a girl so Aunt Ashley can make you all sorts of cute dresses like this! Yours truly, Momma Danielle

Ashley said...

My fingers are crossed too!