Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Update

I had a nice relaxing and fun weekend this past weekend. I left after work on Thursday and headed home to spend some time with my parents before my friend Lisa's wedding. I had the best time with my Mom. We sat out on the dock and floated in the lake, went on a 4 mile walk, rode bikes and looked at home decor magazines. Something about being at my parents house is so relaxing. Maybe because they make me dinner and iron my clothes. Maybe it's because my room is still a wedding shrine! :) But I loved being there and spending time with my parents. I really enjoyed talking to them and asking a zillion questions about our upcoming move and all things homeowners need to know.

I headed to Evansville on Friday to be apart of my friend Lisa's wedding. It was so fun being with all my friends and Lisa looked absolutely gorgeous! I'm sad this is our last wedding for awhile.

My blog was quiet last week but over the weekend I've had some inspiration. So keep checking back for more posts!

 On the dock at the lake.

 New mags my Mom bought for me. 

Frozen Key Lime Pie my Mom made. (recipe coming soon)

My wedding dress, letters, centerpieces, etc all up in my room. (love it)

Vintage Chairs found at my Grandparents. Will look awesome in our new house! 

 Beautiful bride! 

 Sorority sisters at the wedding. 

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Amber said...

Love that color on you!!