Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life Lately

I have really let my blog go over the last few months and hope to start back up, but life has gotten in the way and there's nothing wrong with that! We had a great summer! It has been so much fun to watch Roman grow and explore new things. I can't believe the difference in Roman when I look at pictures from the beginning of the summer and pictures now. He is still very obsessed with lawnmowers (mow mow) and loves to stand and watch neighbors mow their yards. He loves basketball or any kind of ball outside. He wasn't much into swimming, but really enjoyed splash pads and sprinklers. Every day he is talking more and more. He can be very demanding with what he wants and some days throws terrible fits and has meltdowns. Some days I can't believe he will be 2 in a few short months and others I think we have already hit the terrible 2's!



We had a bittersweet end to the summer as we had to re-home Pancho. It was a very difficult decision to make, but after a series of aggressive behavior we knew we could not keep him in our home with Roman. We surrendered Pancho back to the Indiana Bulldog rescue, where we adopted him 4 years ago with the hope that they can find a suitable home for him. We love Pancho very much and it was an awful day saying goodbye to him. He is currently in a foster home waiting to be adopted. If you or someone you know without children are interested in adopting him, please visit the IBR website to fill out an application. He is a good dog, but we were not able to give him the attention he needed and the jealousy of Roman became overwhelming.

In other news I have started training to run a half marathon! I have always wanted to run one and decided a few months ago to train with my coworker for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. The race is about 6 weeks away. I'm up to running 8 miles and it feels awesome to say that. I have never been athletic and struggled to run the mile in middle school PE. ha! I don't really have a goal of time and really just want to finish and check it off my bucket list.

My best friend Lauren and her son Sam were in town last weekend and it was so fun to get our boys together! We talk everyday, but there's nothing like actually seeing each other and getting to spend time together!

Ready for fall and football season.

Roman with cousin Charlotte.

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