Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Casual - Mom style

I won't pretend that I dress up on the days I work from home with Roman. I usually wear work out clothes or jeans and sneakers. Serious "mom style". Whatever, I'll embrace it. My style has changed and that's ok!

I am super happy to say that high rise and mom jeans are back in style. Now that I'm a mom I realize why moms wear them. When you are chasing kids around and sitting on the floor all day you need pants with a little higher rise. I think this is why most moms I know wear leggings most days.

I have found that Gap and Old Navy have inexpensive higher rise styles that come in petite or short lengths perfect for me. I still love my designer jeans, but I need something less expensive for every day wear and tear.

One of my favorite trends this fall is the bomber jacket. Brings back good 90's memories! Also loving the Adidas sneakers. Another trend I wore in the later 90's.

Isn't this suede bag adorable? It's from Target! Scarf is from JCrew factory.

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