Friday, August 1, 2014

This Week in Pics

The past week has been a fun and busy one for us!
Messy room/ little baby bump. This was last week at 17 weeks pregnant. I swear it's much bigger this week!
Last weekend we went on our annual canoe trip. Every year is a lot of fun, I can even say I had fun this year being the only totally sober person/driver! We went to Blues Canoes in Edinburgh, IN. It's less than a 30 minute drive from Indy!

Produce from my garden!! All the rain we have had has really helped!
My new favorite salad to make for lunch! So easy to chop up (cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, onion, banana peppers, and salami. So good, tossed with a little red wine vinegar and lemon juice!

The most exciting part of the week was our ultra sound on Wednesday. It was really neat to see the baby move and all the growing body parts. My current guess is a girl, but Dan thinks maybe a boy.

Along with the ultrasound, we celebrated 3 years of marriage on Wednesday. We decided to grill steaks and had shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. Did you know you can buy St. Elmo's famous cocktail sauce?!? We bought ours at the Fresh Market in Broad Ripple, but you can also get it at Goose the Market.

It's a tradition for us to buy a wedding cake topper each year, since we didn't save ours the first year. I like to try different flavors. This year I ordered a strawberry cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting. It's seriously amazing!!! If you need a cake, look into 111 Cakery downtown on 16th street.
This is a terrible picture, but for our anniversary, we got a new bed and bedding. I love it! We still have a lot to work on in this room, but the nursery has taken precedent. My sister bought me a Snoogle (pregnancy pillow). I haven't used it yet, but probably need to soon! I have heard great things about it!

This is one of 5 dresses that I have been rotating and that still fits well. It's easy to dress up or down. I actually bought the floral dress that is hanging too, so add that to the bunch. You will probably hear this a lot from me, but pregnancy has not been fun in terms of shopping and fashion. It's a huge challenge that has already left me in tears a few times and I imagine will even more as I get bigger. I usually dress for the latest trends and have lots of my own ideas, but maternity fashion is really just basics. It's all very classic and mostly boring (in my opinion). Dressing for a growing body and weight gain just plain sucks. There, I said it! That being said, I am trying to be positive and remember that this won't be forever and to make the most of it. I'll keep you posted as I transition into real maternity clothes and not just clothing in a bigger size.
Hope you all had a great week too! Happy Friday!

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