Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Cocktail Party

We had a holiday cocktail party this year with some of our friends. I always love to start planning this party weeks in advance. I love to plan the food, décor and what I will wear. Funny enough, I should have stated on the invite that it was to be holiday festive, because I ended up being the only one dressed up! Oh well! Anyway, we had a great turnout and incredibly fun night! The lighting in our house was very dark that night, so these pictures aren't that great, but I wanted to document and share it anyway.

In case you were wondering about my outfit. Here are some selfies from the dressing room of Old Navy, neither of which item is from there though. I couldn't decide what to wear and a friend told me to wear the crop top. She said, you will look back years from now and be glad you did. So I did!! Thanks for the nice comments on Instagram it made me feel better about wearing it and also being literally the only one dressed up. :)

Crop top is Topshop from Nordstrom and pleated metallic skirt is from the Gap.

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