Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Comfort Clothes

I love that athleisure is a trend and hope it stays around for awhile. I like that it's acceptable to wear sweats and leggings if you don't even plan to exercise! On days that I work from home or weekends I generally wear some sort of sweatshirt, jeans/sweatpants combo. Admittedly, I still wear my college sorority and school sweatshirts and could really update those with cuter options. I also like to have a few pairs of sneakers that are meant to be cute and not necessarily for working out. Here are some of my recent favorites.

Madewell overalls // BP Nordstrom striped top /South Boutique IND hat (I just ordered this for $17.00!) // H&M Ruffled sweatshirt //Ily Couture Mom sweatshirt // Gap knotted sweatshirt // Nordstrom Pink hat // Abercrombie jeans // H&M blush joggers // Nike Joggers // Nordstrom sneakers (comes in 12 colors!) //Adidas sneakers // Zappos Nike shoes //Nike vintage racers

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