Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Santa,

Is it too early to have a Christmas list? Nah! I've heard Christmas music playing in stores and plenty already have decorations up! On my list is a dress form. (take note Dan) I want an adjustable dress form. It will be so helpful to not always have to try things on myself running back and forth to the mirror to pin  fabric. Also it will be helpful in making dresses for others who are not my size. I feel like this will take my sewing, dress making and designing to the next level!


Kayce Reed said...

Hey there, Lady!

I got a dress form from Aaron's folks for my birthday this year...

I haven't used it for anything (I have no sewing skills unlike someone we both know :) but love having it set in my sewing room at home.

Ashley said...

Thats awesome Kayce!!!! I love it! Let me know when you start sewing!