Thursday, November 11, 2010

Someone's excited!!

This was taken prior to dress shopping.      

I really wanted a sweater (vest) to layer with clothes this fall. I searched everywhere and ended up with this lovely one! It's a size too big, but hey sometimes you have to sacrifice and just make do. I paired it with a Canadian tuxedo for the first of my many outfits I promised myself I would wear it with. I felt a little thick (I hate that word) with my layers. My mom assured me it was fine and then we were off to find THE dress. 

Shirt: Miley Cyrus (seriously, it's from Walmart and I'm not embarrassed)
Vest: TJ Maxx 
Jeans/Jeggings: Forever 21
Boots: Steve Madden

By the way, my boots actually match my belt, but my camera doesn't take quality pictures.

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kristin "nothing wrong with miley" sievers said...

I have that Miley shirt! Wore it this weekend!