Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding Dress Dilemma

I think I knew deep down wedding dress shopping wasn't going to be easy. You know when you have an idea in mind, but you can't seem to find it? This happens to me all the time with clothes and shoes. I see something I like but can't find it anywhere. It's like a hunt. Normally I love the hunt, but not so much with such an important dress.

I know exactly what I want for my wedding dress, but can't seem to find the perfect one. No tears have been shed. No proclaiming "YES" to the dress. With nine months to go before the wedding, I'm starting to feel the time crunch and I'm not sure what to do. I've looked everywhere and am starting to get embarrassed by the amount of dresses I've tried on and stores I've browsed. (bridezilla?) I don't want to settle. I know it has to be out there!

BUT... what if it's not out there? Today, I am seriously considering either making it with my mom or hiring someone to make my perfect dress. Does anyone know of a seamstress in the Indianapolis area?

Here's a look at what I want it to look like.

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Morgan said...

Gorgeous! All of them!