Friday, April 15, 2011

And it was all Yellow

I have been obsessed with yellow lately. As you recall I wanted to use yellow and gray for our wedding colors. Since we didn't go with that color scheme, I decided I wanted to decorate our place with yellow so I bought some place mats. I have even changed my blog in case you haven't noticed. More changes are on the way for the layout and look of H&H. Now, I have taken it a step further and want to wear yellow all the time. Told ya, I'm obsessed. Yellow is such a bright and fun color which is how I feel with the weather getting warmer and naturally I want to wear it everyday! Here are some of the fun yellow items on my wish list!

H&M                                    H&M                                   Kate Spade             

Wanted                                            Target

          Francesca's                                   Modcloth

    Modcloth                                  Francesca's 

Have a bright and sunny weekend! 

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