Thursday, April 14, 2011

White Pique Dress

I feel like I haven't finished a project in a while and this one was soooo close to going in the trash too. I thought this would be so simple when I pinned my idea for the straps on my dress form. No problem. Well the problem is that my form and I actually aren't the same size, even with the dials that change to my measurements. Hmm... I had such difficulty trying to hold the bodice of this dress on with one hand while pinning the straps with the other. I had to pull out stitches so many times and re-sew to get it right. Finally, I just prayed for a miracle and continued on. I really couldn't tell how it would fit until the zipper was in, which is the 2nd to last step in my sewing process. Followed by the hem.

I was pleasantly surprised and did a little cheer when it actually fit! Woohoo!

You may be wondering where my face is? Well I usually have to crop my head out for several reasons, one being that I just returned from the gym which was the case in this picture. There's only so much photoshopping you can do and I thought making myself look tanner was more important than washing my hair. 

I wish you could see the texture of the material better in these pictures. If you don't know what pique is, it's a waffle like textured material. Very summery! 

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