Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

It's a beautiful Friday and TGIF, if I might add. I feel bad when I don't update my blog often enough and although I don't have much to say I can tell you what I've been up to. Not much. Yeah, there's really no excuse for my lack of blogging except for (un)inspiration. Which is not a word. Since our wedding I really just haven't felt like sewing much or really doing anything crafty. The wedding really took it out of me! I did make those few dresses I posted last week and I also started 2 others but never finished them. I honestly don't have anything fun going on in the next few months that require formal wear so I have settled on making dresses for others. And by others I mean kids! Girls dresses are super easy to whip up and I have a couple planned for the next few weeks for friends and relatives. I'll keep ya posted!

Other than my sewing plans, I have been cooking a bit and I do love fall foods(soups and crockpot dishes). I'm getting really excited for the next few months with the holidays! I know it's early, but just thinking about Christmas gets me all in a tizzy! I'm already thinking about how to decorate!

Before I jump the gun and break out the Christmas tunes, here's a few pictures of my current favorite fall things...

Handyman Dan
We are finally getting around to hanging artwork. I'm anxious to have all our wedding gifts put away and new decor! 

Dogs in Halloween costumes crack me up! We tried a few things on Dozer. I don't think he's gonna put up with much. Ha ha! 

I've become obsessed with coffee flavors! I'm one of "those" that puts a TON (3-4) packs of sugar (splenda) + milk in my coffee. And I think it tastes amazing! I switch it up everyday and I'm in love with the holiday flavors. Not sure what I'm gonna do after the holidays. Hmm..

Candy Corn Candy dish. 
Mix candy corn with peanuts. Even better with M&M's! 

Do you know what Pinterest is? Pinterest is a virtual pin board that lets you organize all the things you find on the web. It's great for fashion, recipes, weddings, decor, art, anything and everything! Seriously it's the next best thing after facebook for time wasting. If you haven't already, try it out! Click on the link above, you will be obsessed! This also could be contributing to my lack of blogging. 

Polyvore is another one of my current website obsessions. The website allows you to shop and put together outfits like the one above. It's amazing and so much fun! 

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