Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can you see me now?

When I first saw this material, I loved it. I thought oh this is perfect for fall and has the army green color in it that is so popular. Right there "army green" is when I should have realized. Once I started working on this dress it came to me how I could wear it on deer hunting trips with my brother (and still look cute in the woods?)

The pattern I used is really for a stretch knit fabric and as I was making it and telling my mom how great it was working out not being knit I realized that the pattern wouldn't accommodate my fabric for the neckline, which is why I added the zipper to get it over my head. Other than that it really did work out great! I really like the dolman sleeves and elastic waistband.

I think adding accessories to it makes it less camo looking, but honestly I'm not too sure about it. Thoughts?

Necklace, belt, black tights? Unsure...

Back zipper. 

Did I mention the pockets?!?

What do you think? Should I add an orange belt and give it to my sister in law for Christmas? 

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