Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I never really do outfit posts, but over the last week or so I decided to photograph my outfits. It actually made it more fun to get ready every day knowing I would take a picture and share it with more than the few people I work with every day. Dressing in the summer is so much easier and more exciting. I very much enjoy putting together skirts and dresses versus dress pants and sweaters.

I have to admit taking pictures of yourself at flattering angles is difficult. The thought of having someone else take my picture makes me nervous. I'm not a photogenic person. Seriously, you should see our e-pics. Lol. I'm super awkward.

I'm trying to do some different things with my blog such as outfits and personal posts. I think I have to take baby steps. So hopefully these will be the gateway to more professional pictures.

1.  Forever 21 cardigan, top, and belt. Target dress pants, Michael Kors Watch
2. TJ Maxx top, Forever 21 belt, Jcrew skirt, MK watch
3. Forever 21 Dress, Old Navy Cardigan, MK Watch
4. TJ Maxx top, H&M skirt
5. TJ Maxx top, Forever 21 belt and skirt, Steve Madden Purse
6. Pitaya necklace, Jcrew dress, Forever 21 belt.


Allie said...

Sooo CUTE!!! I'm loving all of the color in these snapshots! I am definitely looking forward to more outfit pics! :) xx, Allie

Ashley said...

Thanks Allie! And thanks for encouraging me to post outfits!

Amber said...

LOVE all the outfits!! Wish I could dress so cute everyday, keep posting em!

Laura said...

Super cute! I especially like the one with the fluffy purple top.

Katherines Corner said...

Cute! I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Hugs!

amf said...

I love all the new blog posts! Especially this one! Love the outfits!