Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Blah's

I'm bored! I think I have the winter blah's. It's been freezing in Indy this week and really this whole year. It's hard to get motivated to do anything this season. Shopping is sort of out of the question since all the stores are in transition and my wardrobe is not. It's not even remotely spring no matter what retail says. I've been layering up and choosing comfort and warmth over fashion every day and I'm over it. I refuse to buy anything for spring yet though. What's the point? I'll either forget it by the time the weather warms up or decide I like something much better.

I'm in the same boat when is comes to sewing. I have a few ideas for dresses, but again, I don't see the point until I can wear it. And sadly, we have no weddings or beach vacations that may warrant a dress anytime soon. See? Blah!

I AM however really excited about the Prabal Gurung for Target line on Feb 10th. I want every single thing! Mostly this whole outfit!

So February 10th is when spring will arrive in my closet. That groundhog better see it too! 

Also in my boredom I am scheming up ways to redecorate or rather decorate in the first place some of the rooms in our house. I'm trying to convince Dan of all the things we need. One being this rug, or something like it from Flor. Have you heard of this place? You can create your own rugs using a tile system. Awesome!

What are you doing to get through the winter blues? Want to commiserate?

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