Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Recap

Welcome back! I took a nice long vacation both from work and blogging. I'm currently sick and on the couch, which isn't how I planned to start the new year, but it's giving me time to blog again!

I spent my time off celebrating the holidays with friends and family. I enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephew. Kids make the holidays so much more fun!

10 Year High School reunion. 

First things first, drinks and making cookies. (Nephew's was non alcoholic)

Baby Rye montage. Seriously, is she not THE cutest thing? My mom made us all matching PJ's, including my sisters little dog. 

Out at my parents new lake house. Many new memories to be made there! 

 My other cute niece, Alex on Christmas! 

Playing Hungy Hungry Hippos with a little Princess. 

 We got several inches of snow in Indy and went sledding with friends. It was one of the most fun nights we had over break. 

Happy New Year!

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