Thursday, March 28, 2013

Twenty Nine

I turned twenty nine Tuesday. I'm not mad about it, but I really never imagined myself at this age. It's funny because I associate my mom with being 29. As a kid, I think she told people year after year that she was 29 and I probably didn't really know any different. So I guess now we're the same age!

I'm not thrilled about getting older, I took the year off my birthday on facebook when I turned 25 and vowed to turn 25 for a few more years. I like the 20's and I'm not ready to leave them behind.

I like to think I look the exact same as I did when I was in high school with the same long brown hair give or take a few pounds. But, admittedly I have started to think about wrinkles and my health a little more. Ugh...

A friend asked me what I wanted to do or accomplish before turning 30. I hadn't really thought much about that,  but I think I'll live it up in my last year in my 20's and maybe just maybe I'll settle down after 30 and start a family. Maybe.

Celebrating my birthday with friends at a new restaurant in Indy. Bakersfield. Amazing guac and tacos. Not to mention the fab cocktails! Check it out on Mass ave. 

Not one, but three cupcakes from Dan! 

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amber said...

Happy Birthday!