Thursday, March 28, 2013

working girl

I started a new job last week. I'm thrilled to be back in the events industry! I stepped out for about 4 years and worked in a sales job, that wasn't very exciting. My previous position in sales was an excellent learning opportunity that gave me a maturity when it comes to speaking with people in a selling capacity. It also gave me a lot of free time being in outside sales not strapped to a desk and office. I'll now be back in an office with less time to blog, sew, shop, etc. but I've got a better career path and I couldn't be happier.

I'll do my best to keep up with the blog! Once again, thank you to all those that follow me! It means so much to hear that you are making my recipes and enjoy keeping up with me!

These were on my desk the first day. Good start!

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