Monday, April 22, 2013

Painted Porch Furniture

It all started with this...
A friend gave us this furniture when she moved and had no use for it anymore. It was pretty beat up with the finish peeling and sat in our garage for 6 months until a few weeks ago we drug it out and sanded it. We bought an electric sander, which is really fun and much more efficient than hand sanding (obviously). We tightened all the screws and then I painted it!

I wanted it to be a cool aqua color and just couldn't find the right paint color. So I ended up bringing in a Tiffany's box and had the nice people at Lowes create a color match for me!

Here's the finished look! I love the way it turned out. We have an enclosed front porch that has served as the dog's room until now. I'm anxious to find a rug and decorate the rest of the room! Cushions are from Home Decorators Collection.

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amber said...

This turned about beautiful! I love that they matched your tiffany box! Such a beautiful color!