Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leather clutch

I finally got around to making the leather clutch I was obsessed with in this post. I went to a few places to check out leather before purchasing from Landwerlen Leather Co. which is right downtown Indy. I used the same method to make this fold over clutch that I did my black and white canvas one. To be honest, it was very difficult to sew the zipper in. Since leather is so much thicker than what I normally sew, I had to buy special needles and nylon thread. My machine did have a tough time getting through the layers. It turned out pretty nice and I have some extra leather that I may use to may a tassel or a different style clutch if I can find a better way to do the zipper.

**Really thought my new iphone would take better pictures. Better get the DSLR back out.

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