Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project Clutch

My latest obsession is the clutch purse and trying to figure out how I can make leather ones. I've been wanting to sew with leather for awhile and I think a clutch purse is a good project to start on. I am super pumped about this project and trying to do all my research. I even found a Tandy Leather factory in Indianapolis and am dying to go there and look around. Hopefully I can make it there this week. I am going to Chicago on Friday to a few fabric stores so surely I can find some leather and advice to get this project started.

I'm planning to use the same pattern I used for this purse, which I previously promised a tutorial on. In case you were waiting on pins and needles I plan to post instructions within the next week!

Project Clutch
Wish me luck on this little leather adventure, I SO hope it works out!

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amber said...

Looking forward to the tutorial