Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making my Case:

I need a leopard coat. I've been secretly lusting after one for awhile now, but something is holding me back. That something is my husband. Understandably he does not like animal print. I get it. A few years ago it wasn't popular, it looked trashy, like maybe you were hookin' on E. Washington St. But not anymore!

Animal print comes and goes in fashion and currently it's in. I have every leopard accessory I need (belt, shoes, scarf) but I need to go bigger! I need a full coat.

Here is my case:

Look how chic all these women are! (this could be me)

Models wear them: Kate Moss

Jackie Kennedy wore animal print
Princess Kate Middleton wears animal print
 Fashion bloggers wear animal print

I should have an animal print coat.
Here are some great options! And my favorites are the top 3 and under $120!!!
Animal Print Coat

Picture sources: US Weekly, The Sweetest Thing, What I Wore, Who What Wear

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