Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yoga in Indy

A couple of months ago I started taking yoga classes. I had never done anything but beginner yoga, which I found to be incredibly boring in the past. From the recommendation of a few friends I started going to Invoke Studio. I mostly go to their community hot yoga class on Sunday afternoon. If you have ever been turned off by beginner yoga, I urge you to try another non-beginner class. At first I had no idea what I was doing but I just followed along and quickly fell in love. That's what is so wonderful about yoga, it's not about anyone, but you. It's about doing what your body allows you and there is no judgment from anyone. I find it to be so relaxing and the time goes by much faster than I ever imaged it would.

I only do yoga about once or twice a week if I can fit it in. I have a gym membership so I haven't been interested in doing yoga full time as my regular workout. I really like the addition to my fitness routine and strongly encourage others to try it.

Several studios offer "community classes" that you can pay per class for a smaller fee than their regular classes. This is a great opportunity for anyone to try it! I promise yoga is for everyone with all skill levels.

In addition to community classes, Lululemon the yoga retail store in the Keystone mall offers a free class every Saturday morning at 9am before the mall opens. This is another great way to try yoga. They even provide mats! Each week is a different instructor from one of the local yoga studios.

Taken from my yoga mat in store. I felt so sneaky taking this. Terrible photo, but you get the idea.

On Sundays this summer Lululemon has teamed up with Invoke Studio to offer another free class! This class is downtown in University Park (325 N Meridian). The class is from 10-11am. It's so nice to be outside in the grass. You will need to bring your own mat to this one.

Check out Lululemon's event page HERE for more community events!

Another great yoga event is this Saturday. Monumental Yoga! Indianapolis is hosting  the single largest yoga event in the city on Monument Circle Saturday June 21st at noon. Over 700 people are signed up already. I think it's going to be a really fun experience.  You can find more information for this event HERE.

If you would ever like to try a yoga class and need a buddy, please let me know! I would be happy to go with you!

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