Monday, September 29, 2014

Dressing the Bump

I'm still struggling with the maternity clothing options or lack thereof. I think I just need to accept it, but it's definitely hard and I can't wait to shop for real clothes again. Here are some recent bump pictures. These are all within the last month, but there has been a lot of growth. Sometimes I don't know how I can get any bigger, my ribs surely cannot expand anymore. Right? I can still wear select items from my closet, but not too many. I have decided I need to stop trying to make non maternity clothes work because it just bums me out not being able to wear all the new fall trends.  My favorite place to shop recently has been Gap Maternity. I have bought most of my staples there (jeans, work pants, yoga pants, and tanks). Any suggestions for maternity clothing stores would be greatly appreciated! 

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Jessica said...

This is more cute outfits than I ever had pregnant! I think you're doing just fine lady! I was a fan of destination maternity. Any clothes by pea in the pod fit me well...but I spent a fortune over the course of months 6-9. I ended up wearing some maternity clothes postpartum, but I was out of all of them by month 3. There's hope... I promise!