Monday, June 26, 2017

4th of July

I have declared the 4th of July to be my favorite holiday for many years. I don't know if that is still true because Christmas is awfully fun when you have kids, but I do still absolutely love the 4th!! I like any excuse to dress in theme or make themed out food. Here are my current favorites for the 4th.

I've been eyeing this dress from J.Crew for awhile. I've always loved this apron style dress and have long searched for a sewing pattern to make one. I have only found vintage patterns that no longer exist. The dress is on sale now, but has limited sizes. This red gingham romper is only $23 from ASOS. Red OTS and Navy polka dot are from H&M. Red one shoulder top is from Gap. Chambray and white jean shorts are from J.Crew. Striped suit is from Amazon. I have a different one, a knockoff and it fits perfect! I included this wrap skirt because my sister and I had matching skorts exactly like this when I was in 5th grade. I believe we even wore them in our Christmas picture. I need to ask my mom to find it. I love that it's back in style!

Bow flats from Target. My love for Sugar lips is still going strong! I have these puff ball earrings from J.Crew and love them. Chain link necklace is also J.Crew. Hat from Nordstrom. Sometimes I really want a fanny pack. I know, I know! But how cute is this Clare V. striped one? Striped shoes, chambray hat both from J.Crew. Striped sandals, and towel from Target. Bag of the summer is from Shop Suey Boutique for $68.

We have been invited to a few parties this weekend and I plan to bring some type of appetizer or dessert. I think both of these look really easy and festive!

Check out my recipes page for other great ideas to make or take to a party. The black bean and corn salsa is always a hit! Another great option are my wings or grilled bacon jalapeno chicken tenders.

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you have a great holiday.

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