Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sweet Summer '17

Happy Summer '17! It's been a good one for us already. Roman is at a great age for outdoor activities! He loves his pool and slide. He can't get enough of the hose and watering everything. It's almost always a fight to turn the water off. He's going on the 2nd summer of "mow mowing". He gets his mower out every day and especially loves when Dan or the neighbors are mowing too. He collects sticks from everyone's yards and prefers to go barefoot like grandpa.

We have a bucket list of activities for the rest of the summer including Holiday World, making ice cream, swimming, going to the zoo, playing with friends and cousins and going to see our first movie.

It's a joy to watch Roman play and do all the fun things we did as kids. We're looking forward to the days of summer ahead.



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