Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Feels

We went to Pleasant View Orchard this weekend to pick apples. It was a little late in the season, so we'll have to remember next year to go earlier. It was slim picking, but we still had a nice time.
Roman and his pal Alexandra

Halloween bat decorations. A few years ago I printed a template and cut these out of black card stock. I just use tape to put them on our wall.

Roman and Pop Pop Jeff picking pumpkins

Fall table setting

Girls day with my mom


We have been enjoying the fall so far, but are really excited for Halloween! Our neighborhood has a huge festival and week long activities. On Halloween, our neighborhood looks like something out of a movie. It's awesome. We have an unbelievable amount of trick-or-treaters and all the neighbors have bonfires in their front yards and fantastic decorations. It's super fun for everyone!

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