Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Leopard Ankle Boots

Do you guys ever become obsessed with something you want and spend a bunch of time trying to find the exact thing, size, color, price, etc. ? I do this ALL the time. I spend way too much time analyzing the item and trying to find the best price. The last few weeks I have done this with 2 things. Leopard ankle boots and wreaths. Random, I know. We are in the middle of a DIY project in our living room, which I will share later and I have been obsessing over wreaths and finding the right one for the windows. As for the leopard ankle boots, I have been looking all over for them trying to find the right style and price. I can't make a decision!

I posted a H&M pair a couple months ago and they sold out. I can't find them on ebay or poshmark either. These are the ones I really wanted! With a $50 price tag, they were the best find and I'm disappointed I didn't buy them when I could have. So I've moved on, and now I'm considering a few other pairs. I really want the calf hair texture, but that adds to the cost. Here are some of my options:

1. Old Navy $44.00 (but they always have sales) 2. H&M (sold out) 3. Rain boots! Zappos
4. Macys $139.00 $ 5. Macys $139.00 6. DSW & Nordstrom Rack $49.00 (why are their pictures different?)
7. Target (best price, but no calf hair) 8. Nordstrom $119.00  9. Sole Society $110.00

Help me decide! I have coupons for Nordstrom and DSW. I am leaning towards the block heel but don't want it to be too high. Part of me just wants to order the Target pair and be done, but I really want the calf hair! I'm between 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Outfit Inspiration

via Laura Godfrey - great IG to follow.  She wears lots of cute and affordable stuff. Currently wearing the Target boots.

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