Monday, November 14, 2011

Chili attempt No. 2

Since my first batch of Chili turned out so well, the following weekend I went for Chili attempt number 2. This time I decided I liked could stand beans well enough and I wanted to try a chicken chili recipe. The first Chili turned out so spicy and wonderful with the beer, I was sure this one would as well.

I was wrong.

Well let me clarify. As I mentioned before Dan is really the beer connoisseur in this relationship and I tend to like lighter beers that are not so *hoppy. Basically, I wasn't thinking or just didn't know what I was doing and I used Flat 12 Half Cycle IPA beer. I kept trying and trying the soup and I just thought it tasted funky. Turns out the beer taste just stuck around and I'm not fond of that *hoppy(ness).  Dan didn't mind the taste and I just added extra salsa to kick it up and drown out the beer taste.

SO, rest assured this is a GREAT recipe. Word to the wise... use a light beer such as a Miller Lite and you'll be fine!!

White Chicken Chili 
1 small onion
3 stalks of celery
1 Tbsp butter
1 "picked" rotisserie chicken
1 package of white chicken chili mix
1 12oz (preferably light) beer
4 cans of Great Northern Beans
3 cans of green chilis
4-6 cups of water depending on thickness desired.

Toppings:  avocado, salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese.

Pick your chicken. Set aside pieces in a bowl. Chop and saute onion and celery in butter in a large soup pot. Add chicken, chili mix, beer, beans, chili's and water. Cook until desired temperature.

Soup is red due to all the salsa I added. :) 

**Hops - The dried blossom of the female hop plant, which is a climbing herb (Humulus lupulus). Hops closest relative is the cannabis plant from which marijuana is derived. Only the seed cones from the female vine are used in making beer. Hops are responsible for the bitterness in beer.
Definition taken from Beer Tutor.

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Laura said...

I saw in your previous chili post that you are not a fan of beans. Neither am I! I have a handful of other food aversions, too. But as you so well put it, I'm also trying to be more adult about my food tastes. : )

Also, I really like the added note about Hops. I'm clueless on beer and am not a fan in general. Interesting to learn more about it though. Thanks!