Monday, March 5, 2012

Chevron Mini

I found this dress on a fashion blog. I looked it up and it was sold out, so I thought I could make it! I had to hunt down the fabric and finally found what I wanted at Mood Fabrics.

I used New Look 6068 pattern to make the dress. I swear the dresses you think will be the easiest end up the hardest or most work. I made a size smaller knowing that patterns tend to be incorrectly measured for my size and that this dress was very A line. It turned out to be WAY too A line and I ended up re-stitching the sides. I have to admit, I still think it sort of looks like a muumuu. I think I am going to have to belt it just to reassure people I am not pregnant.

 A look at some progress pictures...

 Here is the dress before I took in the sides. I had to belt it to find the waist. 

I have it hemmed here, but I'm wondering how to finish the sleeves. (Don't mind the dog gate)

Here is the finished dress. 

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alison giesler said...

love this dress!!!