Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Ingredient Ice Cream

Have you heard of this? One ingredient recipe for ice cream?!? How could it be? How could it possibly taste like ice cream and not be bad for you? I felt like it was a myth and I needed to try it for myself.

I have read on several websites and blogs about freezing a banana and then processing it into ice cream. So recently I discovered The Londoner my new favorite blog and girl crush. She made the ice cream chocolate! I followed her instructions here.

Ok, this must be simple and I can't wait!

Here is what happened...
 First I chopped up 2 bananas and froze them in a tupperware dish for a couple days.

 Next I pulled them out of the freezer and put them in my mini food processor. 

 Here is where something went wrong. I processed and processed and it just never got that creamy. So I continued. I also kept trying it to make sure, and it still tasted like a banana. (more about this later)

Finally, I got concerned with the banana taste and added 3 tsp of cocoa powder as the Londoner suggests. I processed and processed and next thing I know... smoke!!! Something is not right! My processor wasn't making the right noise. I burned the motor out. 

So this is my finished product, and while it does LOOK like ice cream it sure didn't taste that way. It tastes like a banana with cocoa powder on it. Ick! I didn't even end up eating it. I kept thinking maybe I should add chocolate syrup, or peanut butter. But then whats the point in healthy ice cream? Might as well go pick up some cookies n cream at the grocery.

What I am more bummed about it my food processor. I love that little baby, and I hope I can find the recipe with warranty. 

So has anyone else tried this recipe before? What did I do wrong? Was my only wrongdoing expecting it to not taste like a banana? I SWEAR I have read online something about the acids or whatever is in a banana creams together to taste like ice cream. Unfortunately I can't find that website again. Damn.



Brit said...

i do this all the time - and while it does sort of taste banana-ish, it's definitely creamy and especially if you add peanut butter, etc. the banana taste isn't really there. i have a super-powerful blender/processor that i use... one thing - were the bananas overripe? they need to be very spotty in order for this to work; also - they may have been too frozen. i usually only freeze for about an hour or two tops before blending. good luck!

Ashley said...

Hey Brittany,
Thanks for commenting. Actually I did freeze the bananas for 2 days. They were overripe because I actually like them that way. But next time I will add PB. I just didn't want the added fat and calories. Thanks for the tips!