Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seersucker Napkins

I saw this idea in magazine advertising the napkins at a local store in Indianapolis and I thought they were adorable. The magazine advertised them for $14 a piece, which is sorta outrageous! Cloth napkins are the simplest thing to make if you own a serger sewing machine. All you do is sew along the edge with a rolled hem (setting on machine).

We don't use cloth napkins in our house, although I wish we would! So I thought I would make them for my mom who entertains quite a bit and uses cloth napkins all the time! I already have a few colors of fun thread so I went and bought the fabric. I estimated 20x20" for each. I think they turned out a little large so I would go with 18" if you make napkins. Since I knew my mom would need a complete set I made 12 napkins. Four in each color.

I think they turned out awesome! I showed them to Dan whom I didn't think would be that impressed and he asked if I would make us some as well! I think they are perfect for Easter and the Spring-Summer season.

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